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Carabiners & Paintball Netting Clips

We've got quality carabiners & paintball netting clips for prices way lower than the hardware stores. Why spend a dollar or more at the hardware store when you can get your carabiners here for 35 cents a piece?

Our high quality plastic netting clips are great for hanging Paintball Netting. These paintball netting clips are made with the teeth on one side, many of the clips made with the teeth on both sides break easily and do not hold the nets the way that they should.

Need help with installation? Download the Netting Installation Guide

Carabiners (Snap Hooks)

These carabineers (snap hooks) are spring loaded so you can just clip them on the netting and cable! You will need one carabineer for every grommet, so a 300' roll of netting will need 200 clips just for the top (400 total for top & bottom).

Box of 100  $35.00 plus shipping    
Box of 800 
$264.00 plus shipping (that's 33 cents a piece!)    

Warrior Paintball Netting Clips

These netting clips actually hold alot more material than grommets, so it won't rip or tear your nets! Plastic clips should be installed every 6-12 inches for maximum performance. Box of 300 $99.00 plus shipping   

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